Boma 925 Silver ft. The Love Bar Necklace


Jewelry with meaning. Jewelry that gives back. Jewelry made with love.


Boma is a company based out in Seattle, founded by the current Boma CEO Suzanne’s father in 1981, and it has remained one of the US. leading fine jewelry companies ever since. Locally, their 925 sterling silver jewelry line is sold at Fuego stores, Something Silver, and University Bookstores. Fun fact: their first office was located in the Pioneer Building on 1st Ave, the historic Pioneer Square district, Seattle. If you live in the US or Canada, you can easily find them at many boutiques and department stores, see locations: here.

925 Silver

By weight, 925 silver or sterling silver contains 92.5 % silver, and the rest is other materials. It is nickel free meaning it will not cause skin irritation or itchiness. Pure silver or 100% silver is very malleable and soft. And for that physical characteristic, many jewelers have added a small percentage of ‘other materials,’ or copper, to help them capable of making intricate designs and different shapes.


Boma proudly provides full-time work opportunities for their skilled workers (artisans) with high standards of wages, social and health benefits. Their supply chains and artisans are located in Thailand in case you are wondering. They also provide scholarships, a co-op with employee board, 3-month paid maternity leave, book drives, kid’s and family celebrations and other events.

Why Boma?

925 sterling silver with proper care will last you a lifetime. For those with sensitive skin, besides gold, sterling silver is the cheaper option if you are ever interested in investing in fine jewelry. One best way to avoid buying fake sterling silver though is to buy from a trustworthy source. Boma has certified “925′ or “boma925” hallmark marking on all of their jewelry and ensures that their pieces are legit. You can obviously smell it and if there is any ‘metal’ smell detected, it is probably from it having too much copper aka fake sterling silver. Boma is a family-owned company and ran by our #girlboss Suzanne, and their HQ is located right here in Seattle. I can assure every purchase you make, at, as a consumer is for a good cause.

In addition, Boma has a ‘lifetime guarantee’ policy, how amazing!? However, it is important to be knowledgeable in terms of how to take care of your jewelry every day to make sure it will last you a lifetime as well, read more about #bomasilver care here.

this high-quality-polishing cloth comes with each piece of Boma jewelry, use it to remove any tarnishes.

The LOVE Bar Neckclace

When Suzanne, CEO of a local company, Boma, asked me to pick out a piece of jewelry from their website, I was immediately drawn to the Love Bar Necklace. As each piece of Boma sterling silver is designed and hand-crafted with so much love, I thought it was so appropriate to have picked this Love Bar necklace to present Boma as a brand to you. I am seriously in love with it! It is delicate and dainty and hangs at the right length on my neck. I do see myself wearing it for years to come. And Valentines’ day is next week, how appropriate as gift with meaning to your girlfriends, sisters, or moms?

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I hope you have found today’s Brand Focus is helpful. I enjoy putting this post together, from the photography process to drafting this blog post. It just feels so special and from deep down of my heart, I treasure this little Love necklace and Boma as a brand itself. Go support your local companies, especially those that are ran by amazing women like Suzanne (I hope to one day meet you!), and is staying sustainable and responsible as a brand. Thanks again for reading and have an amazing weekend!

See how I styled this Love Bar Necklace here!



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  1. Sedona says:

    Beautiful! I love it 😍

  2. Tina Huynh says:

    Aw that necklace is very pretty! I also like your photos 🙂

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