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 Dates, dinners, work parties, everyday wear or weekends, watches are my favorite ways to accessorizing an outfit. Like clothing, jewelry and accessories reflect style as well as the person’s distinctive individual tastes. Watches are like bags to me, I’d rather invest in one and wear it for years to come. They have to be classic in style, neutral in colors, simple yet unique enough to make a statement every time I choose to incorporate into my outfit of the day and of the occasion.
JORD is a watch company that has really stood out to me recently for its design for the modern lifestyle and their sustainability message, As one of the goals for Style & Senses, I want to feature and support brands that are transparent about their products’ sourcing, materials, and labor as well as those that are proud and stand strong for what they believe in. Founded in 2013 and based in Missouri, JORD offers a wide range of wood watches which are called ‘series’ with different wood finishes, colors, shapes, and designs. The Cassia in Zebra and Ivory, featured here, is my favorite.

Every JORD watch comes with a sturdy cedar wood case with a magnetic cap and a utility drawer to hold watch maintenance things that come with the watch.

People choose watches for any number of reasons but usually because of how they look and how that appearance makes them feel. Sometimes it is a simple affection for a particular color. Other times, it is about expressing an attitude. But whatever the reason, the choice always hints at or declares who they are.

So go ahead and make your statement: choose your watch and reveal your style.


And for today’s post, I am thrilled to announce this partnership with JORD to help you get the best pick of wood watches out there. The watch was kindly sent to me in exchange of this blog post and these styled photos. All opinions are my own. They also offer a GIVEAWAY opportunity for you guys, so go ahead and pick your most favorite watch.


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Giveaway ends in 2 weeks. Winner gets a $100 code plus free sizing and free shipping. Or you can use COUPON CODE “styleandsenses for $25 off your purchase– valid only during the course of the giveaway!

Good luck!


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Here I’ve paired the Cassia with my usual weekender look, casual and still with a hint of classy office look. I love how the organic wooden element of the watch and the gold metal detailing complement the colors on my jacket, boots, and bag very well. Earthy, organic, yet very lux. I hope you like it and have a lovely weekend!
the watch: JORD the Cassia in Zabra & Ivory here (enter COUPON CODE “styleandsenses for $25 off your watch purchase)
the turtleneck: Uniqlo here
the jeans: Everlane here
the boots: Zara (past season, similar here and here)
the belt: thrifted (similar here)
the sunglasses: Ray-ban here
the jacket: Banana Republic (similar here)
the bag: Gucci (sold out style, but I love this one here!)

stay inspired | as always

An Trieu

(Photos by Toan Chu)

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  1. Nancy says:

    I always love it whenever I hear about a company that tries to go after sustainability. The watch looks gorgeous and I love the wood finish. I love that you’re rocking your outfit too!

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