Styling The Moon Tote ft. Xinh & Co.

Here we go again, another Brand Focus post! I know I have been talking lots about brands lately on the blog, but this time I just have to. For today’s blog post, I am going to feature a brand called Xinh &Co., a small online shop that sells hand-made and hand-woven bags and baskets that I’ve found on Etsy and one of the three items I bought, the Moon Tote, and show you how I style it.

Disclaimer: I purchased the Moon Tote (featured in this post), the Toko Net Bag (will be featured in my upcoming outfit blog posts), and the Pompom (attached on the Moon Tote) with my own money. The owner, Trang, has kindly offered me a 25% discount code after I emailed asking her for a collaboration personally. I did express the love for her beautiful bag curation and told her I wanted to write a Brand Focus featuring her shop. So here you go!

About Xinh & Co.

Xinh means ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’ in Vietnamese. I love that they have the Xinh meaning in the About section that says, ‘not the kind of beauty that is striking and bold, but a more charming, subtle, quiet beauty that requires observance and presence to fully understand.’ Trang founded Xinh & Co. after she had her daughter. She stumbled across a group of basket weavers when visiting her family in Vietnam. She learned that big companies did not pay these artisans fair and the pay-term was very long. Trang is an artisan herself as she makes all of the pompoms that Xinh & Co. sells. I bought one to attached it to my Moon Tote bag which you’d see below. Xinh & Co. now has extended to carry many other baskets and accessories from all over the world.

All of our products are handmade, and we apply all of the fair-trade principles when working with artisans. We always pay 50% deposit and pay the rest as the product is shipped. Additionally, our wholesale program is to help with the weavers earn consistent income. We only make enough profit for shipping and handling the wholesale orders. I love my work and the best part is bringing these products to the best possible lights,‘ said Trang, the owner of Xinh & Co..

That is the mindset of a business owner I admire so much! So ladies, don’t you wait! Go check out her shop at

About the Moon Tote: This is a mini version, and it arrived quote bigger than I anticipated. But it worked out pretty nicely and held enough stuff in it which I loved. I was very impressed as to how delicately woven and nicely-made it was. I kept on holing and starring at it after seein git in person. It is so sturdy and very quality! As claimed on the website, this particular piece takes 3 days to produce one piece. Hand-woven from 100% local palm. Made by artisans in Southern Mexico. Dimensions: 12” diameter x 5” deep x  4 ¼” high handles. Care: wipe with a dry cloth to clean.

Styling the Moon Tote: Any types of straw bags scream vacations and beaches instantly. I obviously am not going to the beach nor live nearby a warm one either, and you don’t have to. This straw bag trend which has been flowing around the Grams for quite a few years and is so big this summer, and there are literally hundreds of different versions and styles. They are super easy to wear, simply out and about shopping and hanging out with friends on the weekend. I live in Seattle and find that it’s fine to carry a straw bag like this. I have seen people rocking straw bags everywhere. Here, I’ve styled it with a matching set of the so-called vacation outfit and my oldie but goodie straw platform sandals. Or can I just dress to get myself into the vacation mindset at least? I love styling it with any summer floral or striped dresses, mini or midi ones, or a pair of jumpsuits would look super cute.

See how I’ve styled the Moon Tote other ways, here and here.

I purchased the tassels separately. My initial thoughts were that they seemed simple and easy to make as I could easily make them myself. I ended up ordering a medium one, and it surprised me how cute and well-made it actually was. So yes, buy it and attach it to any bags your heart desire. They also sell the bigger pompom version which people have decorated their homes with loke attaching it by the door know or hand it on the wall which was super cute. They are available in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large, here.

Wow, can you count how many times I’ve said ‘cute’ in this post? 😛 I truly love Xinh & Co. products and what the owner, Trang, is doing to better other artisans’ lives by committing to fair trade principles to ensure that they get paid what they deserve. The bags are slightly on the pricier side, but I was beyond happy to pay that price for that kind of quality I get. As many of you might know that I am a fan and have the deepest respect for brands and the people who hustle and work so hard running the business, small or big. As an aspired business owner myself, I hope to learn a thing or two and share reasons why I love them with you guys. Hope you guys will check them out and buy something to support them. I will upload more outfit styling this Moon Tote at the Toko net bag mentioned above in the next coming weeks. I see these will be my summer essentials, and promise that you’ll see more of them on my Instagram and blog as well. I #LOVEXINHANDCO. And thank you for reading!


tie-wrap tube top & skirt: Free People here

the Moon tote: Xinh & Co., here

straw platforms: Ralph Lauren (old, similar here)




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