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I always got jealous of friends who said the secret to their perfectly whitened teeth was eating strawberries. I knew they either had theirs whitened professionally at a Dentist or that person was just blessed with a good gene. As a daily tea and coffee drinker myself, I thought I had to settle for the stained teeth for the rest of my life because I could never afford that costly dental bill.

My teeth whitening journey started a few years ago when teeth whitening products started becoming easily accessible at drug stores without any prescriptions. After watching tons of videos on Youtube and read a lot of blog reviews, I decided to purchase the Crest strips from Target for $60-$70. I even purchased a $150 whitening kit (i forgot the brand) with pens that dispensed whitening gel and the UV light system after that. All of that was just trying to get a brighter smile in hope to achieve those ‘perfectly’ whitened teeth like my friends. Well, I wished. Crest strips and all whitening products that I had tried hurt my teeth and gum so bad. My teeth were so sensitive that I couldn’t even drink water or eat normally the next day after each session. I couldn’t even talk or let air in because it was that painful.

Fast forward to a few months ago, Jessie from Smile Brilliant contacted me asking if I was interested in trying out their product. I was excited yet hesitant to say yes because I didn’t want to deal with teeth sensitivity anymore. I did some research to find out what Smile Brilliant was all about and was surprised by their overall positive reviews. After exchanging a few emails, I was able to get to know more about the brand, and thankfully, Jessie walked me through initial steps and eased my worry. I was sent the kit, for free, with an exchange of a few social media shares and an honest review on my blog.

So continue reading to find out the result, my thoughts on the product and Smile Brilliant as a brand, and also a PROMO CODE for 15% off your purchase. Also, I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant to give away one teeth whitening kit for one lucky reader, more at the end of my blog.
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After receiving the kit, I followed the instructions in the Instruction Guide provided with pictures and clearly written steps and the exact time down in seconds for each step. My kit included 3 sets of the Base and the Catalyst, 3 Whitening and 3 Desensitizing Gel packages (shown in the above photos).

In theory, I only needed 2 set of the Base and the Catalyst. However, I did use all 3. The first trial was hardened while I was trying to photograph ‘mixing the putty step’ to illustrate it on my blog post. So as long as the white and blue were combined creating an even blue color, I quickly inserted it into the tray and pressed it right away in my teeth, top and bottom, one at a time. After finishing making the impression, I attached the provided barcode labels on the trays. I signed the consent card and sent everything back to Smile Brilliant’s lab using the return airway bill and the package with bubble wrap lining. I got the email confirmation as to when they received my impression and when the trays were shipped back to me. It took about a week and a half for the trays to arrive.

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I have a few wisdom teeth in the back and was kinda worry what if the trays wouldn’t fit. And to my surprise, they fit my teeth very nicely as the inner parts of the tray were cut open as you could see below. 

There were Instruction Guides with additional information including Drug Facts, Disclaimer, and Caution, as well as whitening best practices provided. I followed the steps almost exactly with some modifications since I have very sensitive teeth.

  1. Brush teeth with water and floss (Don’t use toothpaste as the Fluoride present in most toothpaste will reduce whitening effectiveness.)
  2. Apply whitening gel to the trays, only to the outer parts that are facing out aka whiten the front teeth, and whiten for 45 minutes(can be up to 3 hours). A syringe should last up to 3-4 applications.
  3. After 45 minutes, remove the trays and rinse them with water.
  4. Brush teeth with toothpaste as normal
  5. Apply desensitizing gel to the trays and apply for another 15-20 minutes
  6. Stop the desensitizing gel but do not brush or rinse (I rinse my teeth with water because the taste bothered me. But feel free to leave it on for a better result!).
  7. Go to sleep.


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BEFORE (shot outdoors with natural daylight):[/one_half]

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AFTER (shot indoors at night):[/one_half_last]

What a transformation, isn’t it? My teeth’s color lifted at least 2 shades whiter. And keep in mind that this was with inconsistent whitening!


TEETH SENSITIVITY: I did experience some sensitivity after the second day. It is normal since all whitening products have peroxide, a bleaching chemical. After whitening, the teeth are so porous that they are easily stained by drink or food. And the Desensitizing Gel definitely aids in sensitivity and future staining. I could still be able to eat and drink normally. Remember that I don’t have any cavities, so if you do have any fillings or things done to your teeth, your result might differ. There are 2 teeth, one upper and one lower, on the right side in the front that experienced more sensitivity than the rest of them.

GUM IRRITATION: The gum area right where the two teeth that experienced sensitivity that I mentioned above got bleached white and bled a little bit. I was really worried. I let Jessica know right away and she said that was normal. I did some research online and people do have that happened to them as well. I gave the whitening a day or two break. I even tried putting coconut oil or vaseline, but that didn’t work for me. Luckily, my teeth cleaning appointment came up, and I spoke to my dental hygienist about my teeth whitening process. She suggested doing the Fluorine treatment which cost $10. That definitely helped, and my gum was fine after all. She did compliment on my teeth that they did get whitened. So that’s a good sign.

MOUTHWATERING/EXCESSIVE SALIVA: This is the part that bothered me a lot, every time. During the whitening process, my mouth kept on watering so much. I had to go to the bathroom to spit it out every 10 minutes. I then decided to bite on a piece of kitchen paper towel, and that I found work best for me. Other people also experience the same thing. Jessie told me she also was told to not think about it, try to do something else while whitening. I think my excess saliva definitely dissolves the gel and prevents it from whitening my teeth.

UNEVEN WHITENING: Right after I take the trays off my teeth, I was blown away that the whitening gel worked although it was pretty uneven. It’s been awhile since I ever saw my teeth got that white before. A lot of this unevenness is a result of dehydration- this is also what the desensitizing gel helps with. My teeth got back looking normal right off the next day after sleep. After a few session, I definitely noticed they slowly got whiter.

THE TASTE: The gel itself tasted weird but not bad. Majority of the whitening time, I did other things to distract me from the saliva-ing and the taste. The instruction said to not rinse my teeth after the Desensitizing step, but I did anyway since I didn’t like having things in my mouth.

Jessie, if you’re reading this, just know that it’s a phenomenal opportunity and absolutely a pleasant experience to work with you and Smile Brilliant. You were so kind, understandable, and accommodating. I would recommend Smile Brilliant over any whitening brands out there on the market.

My friends and even co-workers have told me that they would be willing to pay any price for a professional teeth whitening product that works. So here you go fam, I have a promo code and will be doing a giveaway very soon. Keep in mind that I won’t get paid if you ever decide to use my promo code or purchase the product using the link below. However, it would be nice if you do, so that they know I sent you there.


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What to do if you’re not selected or you just want your own kit now.

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Again, I hope that you’ve found this review helpful and that you’ll give it a try. If you’ll ever do, please let me know how it goes. I was really impressed with the result after using Smile Brilliant product. I’d totally recommend it over any teeth whitening products out in the market, especially to those with sensitive teeth like mine. I find myself smile a lot more often now, and you know what my secret is.

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