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Growing up, I had always been told that big boobs looked better and were more attractive, so I used to only shop for push-up bras with double or triple padding, those that came with fancy laces and ribbons and things. I remembered saving enough money to get myself a nice one just to wear it once or twice and felt super sexy in but never reached for the third time. During my college years, I could only afford Victoria Secret’s bras on sale or Calvin Klein ones sold at Nordstrom Rack. I occasionally shopped at Gilly Hicks or Aerie or just whatever store that I happened to be in at the time I needed. I still keep some of the bras in the back of my underwear drawer since they barely wear them and they are still in great condition. My problems with those bras have always been either there is too much gaping in the cups, have straps that dig or chafe, have restricting fit or are made from itchy fabrics. Although they all look so cute and sexy, I have just never felt good and comfortable in them.
So why am I talking about underwear now?
As a fashion blogger, I see the importance of good fitting clothes can contribute to how one feels in them. I have been wanting to share the topic of underwear for a long time now since I do think women need to talk more about it. It is time to ditch those uncomfortable bras and panties that are made with someone else in mind. They need to be soft, fit right, don’t chafe or dig in, and do their jobs. I have small boobs, and they are in normal shapes, so those are some of the qualities that dictate what I wear and what I like to shop for. I personally don’t care much for lacy fabrics as they tend to itch and rip easily after washing. I stop wearing under-wired bras and those that have too much padding altogether. I am at the point in life that I even feel sexy in just a plain white T-shirt and jeans wearing a bralette and a simple pair of undies underneath.



True&Co is an SF born lingerie company that is female-founded and powered. They were the first to use data and feedback from quiz takers (6 million and counting) to create bras that make boobs happy and power a brand that believes in body positivity and celebration above all.

True&Co offers so many bras and panties options on the website, ranging from the True Body, True Lingerie, True Everyday, and True Weekend. They vary slightly in the looks, feels, and fabrics, but overall, they are all made from the comfiest materials, designed with a simple ideal: for all of us, every woman, to feel comfortable in our own skin.
And don’t worry if you’re a fan of laces and need more support. True&Co offers options, such as: DEMI, PUSH-UP, PLUNGE, STRAPLESS, AND BALCONETTE, so shop away! As a part of this PR package/collaboration between me and True&Co. I was asked to specifically highlight the True&Co Everyday Bra which I chose in black. I also picked out a pair of black panties to match as you could see below, they all fit great on me! My personal favorite, however, has got to be the True Body bra with adjustable straps and the matching thong, both in Retro Pink.

wearing the True Body bra top on Retro Pink, size X, and the True Body thong, also in XS. Jeans are from Girlfrnd denim.

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For all of us, every woman, to feel comfortable in our own skin,’ said True&Co.

 I was so impressed as to how soft and comfortable this whole set felt in the first time when putting it on. I am a 32B in most bras (Victoria Secret or Calvin Klein brands), so I went for an XS in this style, both bra and panties. Both fit me super comfortably, not tugging or cutting into the skin. And it is so easy to take in and out. And as you can see, the bra has a thin circle pad on each side, and it is removable. Other available colors are Dulce (skin color) and Black with sizes ranging from XS, S, M, L, XL. They are currently out of stock, so feel free to click on the NOTIFY button to get the update as to when they are restocked. Trust me, you will love this one just as much as I do! My only concern is how well they hold up after washes. I wash my underwear with my normal clothes, so I will make sure to update this with you guys soon. Don’t they just look so precious and comfy? They feel as if I am wearing nothing, but my boobs feel pretty supported.

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The True Body bras come in 3 styles: the scoop neck, V neck, and the racerback. The the Scoop neck with adjustable straps (worn here) is True&Co’s newer addition.


2 panties: hipster and thong

Below, I am wearing the True&Co Everyday bra in black and the matching black panties, both in XS. It also comes in a nude color, Dulce, here. These are also made from a blend of nylon and elastane, featuring the most flattering V-cut (at least on me) with the remove-able paddings. They look and feel almost invisible underclothes.

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wearing the True Everyday triangle bra top in black, size XS, and the True Body panties, size XS. Bodysuit is from Aritzia.


For years, Calvin Klein is the only underwear brand I reach for, but I have found that my options are quite limiting since I can only afford for Calvin Klein outlet options. Most of them hold up pretty well after washes, but I find the fit to be very inconsistent. So I always have to try them on before buying. Bra styles that are the most comfortable and that I reach for the most are those called, the T-shirt bras, and panties that are called the invisible and seamless panties. To be honest, I love all of my underwear (including these True&Co pieces). They all look boring and so plain, but to me, I don’t care much about laces, ribbons, under-wires, or paddings. Fabric is the most important factor to me when it comes to underwear. They are all made from synthetic materials, a blend of either nylon and elastane or polyamide and elastane. I am not quite sure about the sustainable and ethical sides as to where these are made. But my True&Co pieces have printed labels on them saying ‘made from SriLanka and/or China,’ similarly to my Calvin Klein pieces. They might even be made from the same manufactures. All I know is that they all have the softest fabrics as they cling to the body and hug it in the most natural way. And I swear by them! Sometimes, I just opt for a pair of silicon nippies or go bare when wearing low-cut tops or dresses. Some days depending on how I feel, I love to show the natural boob shape and think it is absolutely fine to sometimes have the nipples shown through clothes.
I’ve made up some underwear-related Q&As that I think would be cool if you can answer them to yourselves to find out about your underwear reference, too!
Bra size?

I am a 32B.

Bikinis, hipsters, high-rise hipsters (aka granny pants), boy boxers, or thongs?
bikinis or thongs for going-out day-time or night-time. I’d much prefer sleeping in hipsters or granny pants. Boy boxers are super cute to wear around the house.
Do you wear underwear at home?
I take my bras off instantly once I get in the house, and it is the most liberating thing ever! Of course, I keep my panties on since I re-wear at-home pants, often time they are the boy boxers or sweatpants, short or long.

Do you sleep in them?

I often wear just a big comfy shirt or dress and wear my granny panties or a comfy pair of boxer-style shorts to sleep.

Favorite underwear brand?

I have opted out other underwear brands for years and only wear Calvin Klein pieces mentioned above. True&Co. has recently reached out to me asking to try out their pieces, and surprisingly, they offer the exact Calvin Klein piece that I only wear on the True&co website. Of course, I was allowed to pick out True&Co’s label pieces only.

Disclaimer: All underwear pieces worn in this post were gifted to me in exchange for a styled photo posted on Instagram. I was not asked to write this blog post nor this was part of the collaboration or PR agreements between me and True&Co. They are also sold at Nordstrom, so you know that True&Co is legit!

I hope that you have found a few underwear suggestions after reading this post and hope that you will give these True&Co underwear pieces a try. Feel free to check them out at Thanks to the girls at True&Co for sending these pieces over. I am absolutely impressed right from the first time when trying the bras on. I wanted to photograph these pieces at the beach with an intention of ‘bringing underwear out of the bedroom,’ but we ran out of time. My boyfriend is in Japan now, and I have also just got back from Minnesota. We basically miss two weekends worth of content, so most of the photos you will see me posting are all pre-shot. Thanks so much for reading and have a productive week!

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