The Ultimate Washington Spring/Summer Flower Guide

They say that April showers bring may flowers! So if you are confused as to why I have this post up so early, hear me out! Would you like to know what is happening in March? It is infamous cherry blossom blooming all over the Quad at University of Washington campus. Their arbotist is predicting that the trees reach their peak bloom at around the third week of March. So the record setting snow does not seem to slow down or affect these iconic trees much. In case you are wondering when is the best time to plan your travel to Seattle, do it now! Bring some of your pretty dresses and get ready to snap a few photos for the gram!

As many of you know, there are not much to do outdoors in the winter here, however, spring comes change. I got to spend the entire year of last year witnessing all four season change and did quite a bit of exploring both in the city and all around the state of Washington. All I have got to say is that there are a lot of things to do here in Seattle and Washington state starting from spring. I am excited to put this post together and share with you some pretty flower photos. Are you ready?


I flew to Seattle for the first time and spent NYE with my boyfriend back in 2017. Sun Country had the Wing It deals on Tuesdays, so I booked it to Seattle in May. In the matter of a few months, I got to witness how transformative the entire city became when the season changed. The entire city looked so lush from the plane’s window, and there were pretty flowers everywhere.


1075 Lake Washington Blvd E, Seattle, WA 98112

Bring your student ID if you have one, but otherwise adult tickets are $6. This garden is small yet filled with so many pretty bushes of flowers and cool trees. I love the coy pond right in the middle with winding stoned paths and bridges. The garden reopens for the season on April 1, 2019, so do plan to stop by!


If you have a car, simply drive around Queen Anne residential neighborhood for pretty bushes of flowers. Please be mindful not to trespass and watch for the people around you!


I do not remember exactly where this yellow wall of flowers is. Sorry, but all I know is that it is located near the B&H camera store. Again, all you need to do is just drive around Seattle in spring, I can assure you will bump into one of these gorgeous walls of flowers everywhere.

5. THE QUAD – UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, end of March – early April 2018

Pierce Ln, Seattle, WA 98195

The best place to see cherry blossoms in the West coast is the Quad, UW. Peak bloom is usually at the end of March to early April. Cherry blossom. If you are curious and really want to make it to see these iconic trees this year, do follow UW Cherry Blossom Twitter account for live updates. My tip is to get there as early as 6 or 7 am to avoid the crowd. I know that the sun is barely out at that time, but you will get some pretty pictures with family and loved ones without strangers in the background. Of course, you’d catch sun and good lighting action if you go around noon or afternoon time. Your call!


We drove to Skagit Valley, Mt. Vernon, on one of the days that my cousins from Minnesota were here mid-April of last year. That was a failed attempt to see tulips, but we got to discover this pretty yellow daffodil field.


15867 Beaver Marsh Rd, Mount Vernon, Washington
April is the prime time for tulips in the Skagit Valley, just an hour North of Seattle. I went here last year around noon time, and it was very crowded. You are not permitted to walk inside the rows, so please watch out! We had our stamps and came back an hour before they were closed. The security guys seemed to go easy on us, so we got to spend half an hour more in there. Notice the lighting difference and I changed! We took lots of photos though! Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is definitely a must-go!!!

Check Roozengaarde’s Facebook page for live updates for tulip bloom time when April is near. I have a blog post with more tulip photos, here.

Don’t forget to look around. We found this corner with these gorgeous white daffodils.


You wouldn’t believe that this location is at PICK-QUICK Drive In. There are lots of bees, so be careful!


1400 E Galer St, Seattle, WA 98112

This is a must-visit place if you’re in Seattle, no doubt. I have a blog post with lots more photos from this shoot, here.


These gigantic bushes of white flowers are located on the left side of the stadium. Cool photo opt I am sure you would not think about! Hopefully they will still be around this year!


The lavender festival in Sequim is a bit of a drive from Seattle, however, I highly suggest to make it there if you are here in July. I went there last year and was blown away by how purple the entire town was! We arrived at Graysmarsh Berry Farm in Sequim on the lavender festival weekend last year. The sun was too harsh around noon, so we decided to pick some berries and checked out the Animal Game Farm. Turned out, I had the most fun feeding some really cool animals! We made it back to the purple town around sunset, drove around, and found this little corner that had the most full bushes of lavender ever (unsure the farm name or location). The sunset was just right, so this entire photoshoot lasted about 5 minutes. Glad that we got some cool shots that looked just like those taken in France! This year 2019, the Sequim Lavender Festival will be on July 19-21, so I will be sure to make it there this year! See y’all around!

Some photos taken at the lavender and wheat field at Graymarsh Berry Farm. You could obviously tell how harsh the 12 pm lighting was. It is true that photography is all about the lighting!

I hope this post has helped inspiring you to choose Seattle as your next travel destination. If you live here, I hope you will get to explore more of the city. When I first moved here at the end of fall – beginning of winter of 2017, I got into a brief seasonal depression but knocked myself right out when I saw signs of spring. My love for the city has definitely grown so much ever since, and I cannot wait to get outdoors when the hiking season resumes.

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